Illuminating your brand through beautifully tailored design

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, is credited with saying “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Let’s make sure they’re saying all the right things. Together, we will crystallise your brand personality and create an identity to be proud of.

Logo Design

Your brand is much more than just a logo. But your mark is often the most important and highest priority item to resolve. Exploring different directions is the best way to find a style that’s just right for you. Part of that process is considering how your logo may be used now and in the future on your stationery, brochures, signage and packaging.


Your brand not only distinguishes you from your competition, but also from everyone else. It’s how people remember who you are, what you do and how great you are at it. We recognise this, and will support you through every step of developing this strong personality and applying it across all aspects of your business.

Our Process

Collaborating closely with our clients has earned us a reputation for dedication, focus and personal commitment.


We want to get to know you. Understanding your organisation and competitive space is essential to being able to clearly communicate your brand. Getting to know what you like and don’t like, enables us to create incredibly strong work that satisfies both you and the needs of the business.


From an initial set of broad ranging creative ideas, we will further explore and develop our concepts until a leader emerges. The selected route is taken through a number of iterations where it is tweaked, crafted and finessed to perfection – your beautiful and effective logo is born.

Logo files

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive suite of logo files for print, social media avatars, presentations, email signature and so on. This means you have your logo to give to other manufacturers and suppliers.


We create a clear and concise set of branding guidelines detailing how your identity should be applied. Defining colour palettes, fonts and logo usage ensures your brand maintains consistency across a range of applications and formats.

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