Hummingbird Imaging

Prepared for take off

Hummingbird is the perfect name for a broadcast-quality aerial video and photography company. As drones became more accessible to amateurs, it was vital that the Hummingbird brand was exceptional and stood out from potential competition. Luminous created their beautiful logo and a website to showcase their excellence - the result is a brand that is memorable, reflecting the team’s high professional standards.

Our task was to create a distinctive logo and ensure Hummingbird stood out in a crowded marketplace.

Luminous Creative

A memorable mark

The key to creating a successful logo is to investigate different concepts, considering both the obvious and the unexpected. Through our exploration process our designers and client can be confident we have found the right concept, tone and style for a brand. While a bird was an obvious starting point for Hummingbird, it was here to where we returned! The distinctive logo is perfectly fitting – its minimal lines giving a sense of light and lift. We echoed this in our choice of typeface too that was, in turn, modified to suggest wings.

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